Should I Have a Hair Transplant In Antalya?

Should I Have a Hair Transplant In Antalya?

In this article, we will give information about hair transplantation and mention the advantages in hair transplant Antalya. Hair transplant has been a miracle solution for male pattern hair loss, especially based on genetic factors. Since history, hair loss has caused loss of aesthetic appearance, especially in men. wig hair and similar unreal and unnatural methods had been used. These methods, which do not look natural on the head and give a feeling of discomfort throughout the day, have been replaced by natural and real root transplantation, which is preferred today, with the development of science and technology.

Hair Transplant Antalya
Hair Transplant Antalya

What are the recent hair transplant techniques?

Some new hair transplantation techniques have developed in the health sector to eliminate hairlessness problems with natural methods, as they have become available in science and technological developments instead of unnatural solutions applied in the distant past. Hair transplant Antalya has been one of the populer destination where these techniques are successfully applied.

These techniques are as follows:

Fut Hair Trasnplantain Technique:

In the fut method, which was applied between 1990 and 2010, it was the process of cutting the hair follicles from the hairy area between the two ears behind the head by cutting them together with the skin in the form of a strip and separating the roots and planting them in the open area. Although the technique seems to have advantages in its own period but compared to new technologies, it has been a method that leaves unnatural sparse appearance and back of the head scars. The fact that FUT technique cannot fully solve the problem of baldness has forced the health and aesthetic sector to find new techniques with the help of technology. For this reason, the Fue technique, which is frequently preferred today and can get very successful results, is used.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

Hair transplant Antalya is on its way to becoming the center of transplantation with the FUE technique.

Unlike the Fut method, the roots are not taken together with the scalp, it is the process of taking the back of the head from the non-shedding area one by one with the help of micromotors specially designed for this job and placing them in the previously opened channels in the planting area. Among its advantages; The so-called donor area, especially the dense implanting and natural appearance, and one of the advantages is that there is no scar behind the head where the roots are collected. In addition, it is not in a process that prevents daily natural life.

Why should I Have A Hair Transplant in Antalya?

In a place called the pearl of the Mediterranean, hair transplant Antalya means hair transplantation and getting services in a city with extremely successful results in both tourism and hair transplantation. Especially thousands of people who come from abroad for hair transplantation, after having their holidays in the unique bays of Antalya, have also done the transplantation and took their way to their homes with their new hair. VIP service is provided to those who come for hair transplantation.They are picked up from the airport by the office vehicle and dropped off to the hotel where they will be staying. On the day of operation, when the procedure is over, they are left at the airport again.